TPK Zipper, Inc. is a Los Angeles based company, committed to providing the highest quality zippers with a wide range of selections. The owners of TPK are highly experienced, having been in the manufacturing business for 15 plus years. TPK supplies and customizes not only their products, but also the personal service that they provide each and every client.

TPK’s Mission for the business is simple; we only provide our clients with nothing but the best in everything we do. This directly mirrors the attitude of the owners of TPK as the CEO firmly believes in the act of servitude. It is her motive to let everybody know that there is a deeper purpose in her motivation and work.

We look forward to creating a lasting relationship with you. Thank you for visiting our website!
There are four different zipper types; Metal, Nylon, Plastic, and Invisible. Under each type of zipper, there many different colors and styles that are available for you.
Sliders are just as important as the Zippers. First, select the style, and then we will consult with you in customizing your initials on them.
We offer many different accessories that serves as a clothing necessity and accents your clothing even more! Take a look at our unique collection.